Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Updates from Phetchabun

Dear friends and supporters,

We have reached Thailand Phetchabun safely! Don't worry! We're all safe and sound! :) It was a really long journey from the airport all the way to the village that we are reaching out to. It was a long 8 hours van ride. Thank God for the provision of comfortable vans! :)

Though the living condition here in Phetchabun is not as comfortable as compared to Singapore, we are still thankful that God provided for the place that we have! We're staying with a family in the village. They're very nice people and cleaned up the place for us before we reached there :) Thank God for that :) It's a beautiful place where we get to see the sunrise at a cliff as we do our Quiet Time in the morning :) Oh yes, not to mention, we named the cat in the family, it's named Hope! :)

We had a long and fun day today! We had ground training and had a mini outing with 4 of the village children! We went to the river to catch fishes and trekking to a place where they had very nice rocks and waterfalls! The little ones were so happy :) Praise God for this opportunity to have fun and interact with them! :)

Do continue to uphold our team in your prayers! Till date, we have 5 team members who are not feeling well (stomachache). It could be due to the fact that the team is still trying to adapt to the village living condition and food. Don't get us wrong, the food is actually very nice! :)

We're gonna rest well tonight and be charged up for our outreach to the villagers (Hmong Thai) tomorrow! :) Thank you for praying for us, we really appreciate you! :D

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