Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Psalm of the Day

Give me a sign of your goodness,
that my enemies may see it and be put to shame,
for you, O LORD, have helped me and comforted me.
- Psalm 86:17

Despite the uncertainties that we might not be able to enter the refugee camp, I felt sure that we definitely would be going there to carry out God's miracle in the place. The psalm of the day came alive to me when I was reading it up the hmongs' hill. God was sending us there as an answered prayer - our brothers and sisters there have been crying out to God for a "sign of His goodness"...

As I was facing the barbwire and looking into the living condition inside, I felt a very heavy burden in my heart. These people were the ones I have been crying out to the Lord for. My dear brother Alvin Ong reminded me gently, "Cry later, now we have tasks to do."

I tried my best. However, when the second batch of the hmongs came out, God intended for us to pray and minister to the people after the skit and songs. I was holding a camera with one hand and using the other hand to reach out to the children with prayer. When I touched one of them, I knew I could not contain the tears anymore when I felt the deep hurt. I cried for healing. For restoration. For Jeremiah 29:11. For all the faces I saw. "A hope and a future!" I cried. My God remembers every face that I met... He has all their names written at the back of His hands... the suffering of these people drove Him to the Cross...

I prayed because I am just a man. I prayed because I am not God. I can do nothing for them, except to pray. I know you love them more than I can ever do. God, will you deliver your people... please?

Today I was like a cry baby on the mission field, and had to remind myself again and again that I need to wipe off the tears and carry out my tasks. So many things need to be done here... and the trip is already coming to an end soon. Tomorrow we will be going to this camp to serve these people again. I pray that we get to minister to more people. So many people broke down and received Jesus into their lives today, and I am asking God for more. Praise God :)

"Cry later, now we have tasks to do."

I will.

Keep us in prayers, please. Thanks.

Jacob Ng

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