Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Harvest

Teach us to number our days aright,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom. - Psalm 90:12

Lord, give us the heart of wisdom to know what truly matters in life. How many days left do we have on earth to do crazy things for Jesus?

Yesterday, we took the children in the village for a hiking excursion and had a swim at a water fall. A "war" took place in the water as we slammed and threw seaweeds at one another - a popular game among the kids. It was extreme fun as we fellowship with the children in real WILD WILD WET manner. I think I wasted my childhood on nintendo games...

The day ended with a campfire dinner. Through songs, games, sharing and "magic" performance, the gospel was presented to the children. 17 children made the decision for the first time to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. How else can we respond, but to praise Him? Thank God for everything!!!

As we said our farewell to the children, there were hugs and tears aplenty. We really love the children here to bits and pieces... but we have to say our goodbye. We know that for some of them, this may be the last time we get to see them. Lord, will You please continue to watch over them so that even if we do not meet them again in this life, we will play and worship with them in heaven?

We are now preparing to visit the refugee camp on Wednesday and Thursday (26 and 27 of March). Today the team was given some time for a personal retreat and rest with the Lord, and to visit some of the village households we visited last week.

We are praying everyday asking God for this land, and are expecting to see great miracles happening at the refugee camp. 6000 souls are there, waiting...

Thank God for keeping everyone of us safe and healthy. Please continue to pray for us.


Jacob Ng

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