Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 7- Children's Outreach 2

Second day of children's outreach! We climbed this really steep mountain and i almost wanted to give up. but as i pressed on and eventually reached the top, i was reminded that this is just like our walk with God. the journey may be tough, but if we press on and hold on tight to God, we'll see the beautiful scene at the end. =)

when i was sitting in the songtiao, i remember myself asking God, "God, are you playing with us?" because the rain kept going on & off. we had to travel to a few places to find a suitable place so that Benjamin could share. we finally settled for a large field.

(before it started to pour)

after speaking his first sentence, it started to rain and the kids all ran back into the song tiao. looking back, it was indeed quite a comical scene! well, it may have been deemed a failure in the eyes of men, but God definitely had better plans for us.

(after it started to pour!)

Because of the wet weather, the supposedly campfire was held at the RADION shophouse instead. Benjamin & Phyllis shared their testimonies and we put up a simple skit about how sin weighs us down. the only way to be free is through Christ.

Eugene asked those who had past hurts in their life to step out so that we could pray for them. i don't really know what happened in the midst of it, how it even all started, but i remember seeing something which i have never ever seen in my whole 18 years- children crying and weeping so hard.

As we prayed for the kids, a few girls huddled together at a corner. they were sobbing and crying so much, that even though i did not know what they have been through, i felt as though i could feel what they're going through as well. my heart broke into pieces.

(Kut, in the foreground)

then i saw Kut, the only boy whom was under me during the children's outing. He looked quite dazed, he seemed not to know what was going on.i didn't know if he had understood God's love i just felt compelled to hug him and i told him, "Prajau rak kun (God loves you)". He started to cry.

this went on for quite some time. it made me realise one thing: no one is ever too young to understand God's love. :)

thank you Lord for the little ones.. i've learnt so much more from them than they could ever learn from me. :)

(Phyllis, Vera & Kenson with some of the girls)


Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 6- Children's Outreach 1

First day of children's outing! After a round of introduction and ice breakers, we set out in view of the good weather. However, it started to rain as we were travelling in the song tiao. Some things could not be carried out as planned, but in the end everything worked out fine.

Thank God for providing a school premise so that we could carry out our evangelistic sharing & games! Even tho we weren't able to do a lot of things, i thank God for that time to bond with all the children as a whole, not just each individual with the children assigned to him/her.

Phyllis shared about the colour creation story.10 children prayed to receive Christ
. After the sharing, our team came together and prayed. Usually, the children would be very noisy and would run about without any supervision. however, eugene & ben pointed out that while we were praying, the children just quietly sat there and waited for us. it was God who kept order among the kids. :)

Day 5- Evangelistic BBQ

The day started off with visiting a few more families and inviting them for the evangelistic BBQ at night.

Before the event started, our team did a short prayer walk around the shophouse. As we gathered and prayed together as a group, i opened my eyes and was very touched to see Jai & Jong, with their eyes closed and hands clasped as we prayed. they didn't understand what we were praying about, moreover they did not even need to come to pray with us. but they joined us. Wow. Child-like faith.

We put up a simple skit which reflected on the plight which most of the elderly women there go through- loneliness, hunger, hopelessness.. It was followed by Ronald's testimony about how God was ever so faithful through the darkest moments in his life.

It was certaintly not the work of men but by God- about 30 people prayed to receive Christ that night! it was more than 1/2 of the people who turned up. Praise the Lord! :)

As we were praying for the people, one lady came up to me and asked me to pray for her. Using my very limited Pasat Thai and with some help from Ben, i found out that she was not feeling well and that she wanted to believe in Christ. (she did not say the sinner's prayer earlier on & had just walked up to the front at that moment) Pe Aun led her in the sinner's prayer and another soul had been saved. :)

As many of us prayed for good weather, God was faithful. (He still is!) Despite raining everyday ever since we reached Khek Noi, God held back the rain that night. Words can't describe fully how awesome my God is. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 4

We continued the second day of home visitations. We were slightly discouraged early on, when some of the houses that we were supposed to visit were empty. However, God chose to show us His faithfulness during the 3rd household that we visited. Individually, we felt in us a prompting to share something to the old lady that we were ministering. After much waiting and affirmation, someone began sharing. An outpour followed when we all confirmed with this common burden we all had been experiencing; that she has been suffering things alone.

She continued with, “I’ve raised my husband’s second wife’s children like my own, yet they do not care about me. Today, I experienced what love is.”

These were the words of this lady. As we prayed for her, our team started weeping. We were burdening and aching for her, and as some of us phrased it as a downloading process of her sufferings into us. We felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, and we wanted her to understand only in Him, can we not be disappointed; men has disappointed us much, but not Him, for He is our faithful God. Our translator, Pe Ann, led her into the sinner’s prayer.

3 girls-Jong, Jai & Faa came along with us. When we were interceding for the lady, the 3 of them cried too. I know that they did not cry just because we did, but it was because God’s presence was moving in the place. While the 3 held my hands tightly, I prayed that God would use them mightily, that they will not only comprehend God’s love, but also want to share this wonderful thing with their Hmong people and beyond. =)

Day 3

After an intense prayer meeting that lasted from morning till afternoon, we headed down to one of the village home to visit the chicken lady (known by the wave 1 team). Unfortunately, she was not around. We were disappointed that we couldn’t meet her. But God had other plans for us.

We headed down to another village home and visited a family of 10. The family had 3 adults and 7 kids. They couldn’t even make ends meet as 1 of the ladies was suffering from malnutrition and another was suffering from sinus that affected her vision. The man of the family was also unable to work as he had been suffering from leg pain for months. We prayed for them and provided some kuay teow for them. I was especially happy and I couldn’t stop crying and laughing at the same time as the man whom we prayed for prayed to receive Christ too. Praise the Lord! Just as we were about to leave the house, some lady asked us to pray for a partially deaf girl. Vera went up to pray for her. After a short prayer, Vera tested the girl’s hearing. She was healed instantly!!! J I couldn’t help but keep thanking the Lord for performing such miracles. It wasn’t for our glory but for His! It was only by divine appointment that we can meet the young girl. Vera was so moved that she kept crying. On the whole, the team felt encouraged after seeing the girl being healed instantly.

The joy didn’t end at the outreach. We returned to the shophouse and had time to bond with the kids. It was such a joy to play with them. We had a short prayer for them too. It was then that the team realized something. All along, we felt like we were the ones whom the kids should be learning from. However, much can be learnt from kids too. The child-like faith that they have in praying to the Lord and even the stillness that they have when we asked them if we can pray for them is something that hard to come by nowadays. Sometimes I wonder, are there actually such kids in Singapore that would show so much faith and reverence to our Lord as the kids in Thailand. =)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hola! supporters and friends! :)

Today is the 2nd day since we arrived at Khek Noi village. The day started off with a heavy downpour and meteorological reports have confirmed that it will be raining heavily over the weekends. We actually made plans to go to the waterfall for our outreach program over the weekend. In consideration of current reports, we have to come up with alternate locations for the outreach program. We do feel a bit disappointed with the weather reports but we have faith in the Lord that this is all still part of His great plan.

The whole team prayed up for the morning. God never fails to refresh us in an intimate way. It was important that we prepare ourselves even before we enter the spiritual battleground. Eugene also reminded us that we ourselves are the living gospels that will minister to them. Our actions reflect upon the God that we serve. Therefore, it is important that we be mindful of how we live our lives.

On the way up, Eugene was sharing about an "Amy" that he has forged close bonds with. We finally met her today in the comfort of her pig sty. We thank God for the creativity to reach out to the villagers through various means such as employment on the farm and blessing the village with food and introducing modern arigational techniques.

Do continue to keep us in your prayers as we get ourselves all geared up for God to use us in this battle.

P.S Please pray for Eugene and Ben too as they continue to labour for the Lord on the frontline.


Hello friends and supporters!

We reached Khek Noi Village yesterday afternoon. Thank God for granting us journey mercy. It has indeed been tough for us to come for this trip because of initial parental objections and political chaos in Thailand. Praise to be to God! :)

Heading to the RADION shophouse after dropping our luggages, we had some time to bond with the children. It was a joy to see kids expressions as we handed out the clothes to them, especially with Yining meeting her girls. :)

After dinner, we spent some time sharing and preparing our hearts. We learnt that amount of time we spent doing devotions didn't quite equate to the depth of how much we commune with God. It is necessary to set our hearts right upon the Lord before we can even reach out to the others.

It is our prayer that God will break us and use us for the expansion of His kingdom, that He will grant each of us a personal breakthrough in our lives. Thank you for your partnership and do continue to keep us in prayer! Khorbkhunkah! :)