Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 5- Evangelistic BBQ

The day started off with visiting a few more families and inviting them for the evangelistic BBQ at night.

Before the event started, our team did a short prayer walk around the shophouse. As we gathered and prayed together as a group, i opened my eyes and was very touched to see Jai & Jong, with their eyes closed and hands clasped as we prayed. they didn't understand what we were praying about, moreover they did not even need to come to pray with us. but they joined us. Wow. Child-like faith.

We put up a simple skit which reflected on the plight which most of the elderly women there go through- loneliness, hunger, hopelessness.. It was followed by Ronald's testimony about how God was ever so faithful through the darkest moments in his life.

It was certaintly not the work of men but by God- about 30 people prayed to receive Christ that night! it was more than 1/2 of the people who turned up. Praise the Lord! :)

As we were praying for the people, one lady came up to me and asked me to pray for her. Using my very limited Pasat Thai and with some help from Ben, i found out that she was not feeling well and that she wanted to believe in Christ. (she did not say the sinner's prayer earlier on & had just walked up to the front at that moment) Pe Aun led her in the sinner's prayer and another soul had been saved. :)

As many of us prayed for good weather, God was faithful. (He still is!) Despite raining everyday ever since we reached Khek Noi, God held back the rain that night. Words can't describe fully how awesome my God is. :)

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