Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 3

After an intense prayer meeting that lasted from morning till afternoon, we headed down to one of the village home to visit the chicken lady (known by the wave 1 team). Unfortunately, she was not around. We were disappointed that we couldn’t meet her. But God had other plans for us.

We headed down to another village home and visited a family of 10. The family had 3 adults and 7 kids. They couldn’t even make ends meet as 1 of the ladies was suffering from malnutrition and another was suffering from sinus that affected her vision. The man of the family was also unable to work as he had been suffering from leg pain for months. We prayed for them and provided some kuay teow for them. I was especially happy and I couldn’t stop crying and laughing at the same time as the man whom we prayed for prayed to receive Christ too. Praise the Lord! Just as we were about to leave the house, some lady asked us to pray for a partially deaf girl. Vera went up to pray for her. After a short prayer, Vera tested the girl’s hearing. She was healed instantly!!! J I couldn’t help but keep thanking the Lord for performing such miracles. It wasn’t for our glory but for His! It was only by divine appointment that we can meet the young girl. Vera was so moved that she kept crying. On the whole, the team felt encouraged after seeing the girl being healed instantly.

The joy didn’t end at the outreach. We returned to the shophouse and had time to bond with the kids. It was such a joy to play with them. We had a short prayer for them too. It was then that the team realized something. All along, we felt like we were the ones whom the kids should be learning from. However, much can be learnt from kids too. The child-like faith that they have in praying to the Lord and even the stillness that they have when we asked them if we can pray for them is something that hard to come by nowadays. Sometimes I wonder, are there actually such kids in Singapore that would show so much faith and reverence to our Lord as the kids in Thailand. =)

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