Sunday, August 31, 2008

We're back!

Dearest Friends & Supporters,

It's been quite some time since our previous blog entry.. but be sure to check back more often soon cos we'll try our utmost best to keep all of you updated as we start preparing for our trip!

The Wave 3 team had our first team meeting last Thursday!(Finally, after all the exams and assignments! Thank God for His grace!) It was a time of preparation- spiritually and mentally! Ronald led in a time of worship, aligning our hearts back to the one who's most important- God, while Eugene shared with the team about giving our very best for the Lord, urging us to make use every opportunity God gives us. I'm really excited about doing crazy things for God and i pray that my fellow team mates are too! Let's give our very best for the Lord! =)

Just yesterday, we had the first combined prayer meeting, consisting of the 2 teams that have gone up to Phetchabun before (wave 1 & 2), as well as the wave 3 team who will be going in just 15 days! It was refreshing as we aligned our hearts back to God. It's easy to lose focus on God when we're so caught up with our own lives, and i pray that each and every one of us will remember God's faithfulness and love that we've all experienced during our trip, being the light that shines in the darkness for God in our very own mission field- in our schools or workplaces!

Friends and supporters, do keep the Hmong Laos, Hmong Thais and our team in prayer. Thank you and have a blessed week ahead! ;)

In His love,