Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 4

We continued the second day of home visitations. We were slightly discouraged early on, when some of the houses that we were supposed to visit were empty. However, God chose to show us His faithfulness during the 3rd household that we visited. Individually, we felt in us a prompting to share something to the old lady that we were ministering. After much waiting and affirmation, someone began sharing. An outpour followed when we all confirmed with this common burden we all had been experiencing; that she has been suffering things alone.

She continued with, “I’ve raised my husband’s second wife’s children like my own, yet they do not care about me. Today, I experienced what love is.”

These were the words of this lady. As we prayed for her, our team started weeping. We were burdening and aching for her, and as some of us phrased it as a downloading process of her sufferings into us. We felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, and we wanted her to understand only in Him, can we not be disappointed; men has disappointed us much, but not Him, for He is our faithful God. Our translator, Pe Ann, led her into the sinner’s prayer.

3 girls-Jong, Jai & Faa came along with us. When we were interceding for the lady, the 3 of them cried too. I know that they did not cry just because we did, but it was because God’s presence was moving in the place. While the 3 held my hands tightly, I prayed that God would use them mightily, that they will not only comprehend God’s love, but also want to share this wonderful thing with their Hmong people and beyond. =)

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cyang said...

Thank you for reaching out to the Hmong people. Our prayers are with you.