Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hello friends and supporters!

We reached Khek Noi Village yesterday afternoon. Thank God for granting us journey mercy. It has indeed been tough for us to come for this trip because of initial parental objections and political chaos in Thailand. Praise to be to God! :)

Heading to the RADION shophouse after dropping our luggages, we had some time to bond with the children. It was a joy to see kids expressions as we handed out the clothes to them, especially with Yining meeting her girls. :)

After dinner, we spent some time sharing and preparing our hearts. We learnt that amount of time we spent doing devotions didn't quite equate to the depth of how much we commune with God. It is necessary to set our hearts right upon the Lord before we can even reach out to the others.

It is our prayer that God will break us and use us for the expansion of His kingdom, that He will grant each of us a personal breakthrough in our lives. Thank you for your partnership and do continue to keep us in prayer! Khorbkhunkah! :)


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