Friday, September 12, 2008

an encouragement

Howdy. Today, i went to collect my new chris tomlin cd, hello love. As I looked through the songs, one song really encourage me. This song is titled- with me.

I open my mouth and you speak for me
You move the mountains and roll back the sea

I will not be afraid
I will be never ashamed
For you are with me
You are with me

I've seen enough to know
That you are my only hope
I don't want to go
If you're not with me

We open our hands and you reach for us
You are the motion of the universe

Well as I am listening to this song now, it serves as a reminder to me that God is in control of every situation that we face. :] so i hope that this song will serve as an encouragement to us as we prepare for this trip! :]

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