Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hmong Lao Refugee Camp Outreach

hi peeps...
today was our first day outreach to the Hmong Laos. It was full of suprises and thanksgivings.
We woke up like 6am in the morning for prepare our selves for worship and loading up our biscuits onto the van.

But before i shared with u what happened today. Let me share with u guys abt what we were doing yesterday.
We spent the whole day praying and worshiping yesterday. And whole day, it reali means whole day men.. we gathered together to prepare our hearts and also to intercede for the Hmong Laos.

Through that few hours of prayers and worship, we saw how God was working among us. There were restoration of relationships among some of the team mates and healing of our past hurts etc.What was the most amazing thing was the Holy Spirit was constantly at work and moving among us. The Holy Spirit led many of us to pray and minister to the ones who are mourning among us.

I praised God at one instance, the Holy Spirit prompted me to step forward to the old lady who was hosting us for accomadation, to pray for her (since she was standing in the midst of us listening to our worship.) And i thanked God that i obeyed Him.

No one can ever imagine that small gesture of moving forward to that old lady to pray for her. She broke down into tears. She mentioned she was so touched by our act of worship. She saw God in us though she do not understand our language. And finally, she made the decision to come back to Christ through that time of worship.

what we saw was not just only the Gospel can transcends language, worship also can!!! God presence transcends all things men!!Praise God!!!

Lets talk abt today.

Actually there were news saying that we may not be able to go into the refugee camp cos we have nt get an approval letter from the leaders of the refugee camp.

Yet, we choose to go in faith today. We loaded up our biscuits and milks powders onto the van. And we drove to the camp.

Several things to give thanks:
1. that God allowed us to go into the camp.
2. one of our shift during the milk mission which was supposed to reach out to the kids. It turned out to be a ministering time for the Hmong Laos adults who came for the special programs during our Milk!mission.

The Holy Spirit led us to pray the ppl at then. Many of these adults broke into tears after watching our skit. And we thank God for using that skit to turn ppl back to Christ. Many of them chose to surrender their pains and past hurts unto the Lord.

3. we prayed for physical healing for the ppl too eg. difficulties walking and seeing. The most amazing thing was that, the person who prayed for these ppl was our host lady wh just came back to Christ ytd.praise God!!

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