Friday, June 6, 2008

The Glory of His grace

God continues to awe us with His grace and might...

We just saw about 30 people home; they came for an evangelistic BBQ that was held at the shophouse. They were mainly the elderly and destitute whom we home-visited yesterday and the day before yesterday.

How glad we were when we saw them arrive at the shophouse! Out of the 30 people, about 12-15 people received Christ, including children.

I'm lost for words, really. As the videographer, in-charge of capturing precious God-moments, I guess I was partly on the lookout for worthy footage instead of being "in the moment", but what I remember clearly are the raised hands when Eugene, one of the Radion staff, asked who wanted to receive Christ. I remember scrambling in to catch that God-moment, all the while thinking... it's not to us, but unto God; salvation is His miracle.

So, all glory and honour to Christ our King, who gave us the privilege to partner with Him!

Li Ling

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Steph said...

Wow that's about half!!