Sunday, June 1, 2008

For greater things, I ask of the Lord.

"We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish," they answered.
"Bring them here to me," he said.

- Matthew 14:17-18

Lord, the "five loaves and two fish" will remain as "five loaves and two fish" in our own hands. But we offer the little that we have unto You, our lives and everything. Take them, break them and use them for Your purposes. May we be a blessing that will glorify Your name in the land.

I feel strange as I am writing this post right now. On 27 March 2008, I made my previous blog post here on the final day of the Wave 1 mission trip, signing off as "my last blog post in this website" and was certain that I would never blog again. I have never posted any blog entries in my life before the last trip, and was only using this website to provide some quick updates from the mission field for our prayer supporters back in Singapore. Once again, the Lord is showing me that He is full of surprises. So here I am, happily eating my own words and preparing to make my way to Phetchabun again in a few hours time with the Wave 2 team that will be there from 2nd to 11th June! Wa ha ha ha ha =)

Some quick updates on what God has been doing between my previous post and the current one:
1) The Wave 1 team gave thanks and glory to God for the 100+ lives who came to know Jesus during their short stint in the village. For many of the team members, the trip marked the first time they witnessed how real and powerful the Holy Spirit is. When the Holy Spirit swept through the refugee camp with the Hmong-Laos people breaking down in tears responding to the name of Jesus, everyone could only stand in awe of His presence. Their hearts were broken, and they wept and wept with the people there.

2) Before the trip, the Wave 1 team members thought they were called to a village to give. During the trip, God outgave them. At the end of the trip, they knew they could never see lives in the same light again. They came back to Singapore and heard testimonies of how the reports of the mission trip had encouraged many people, and is continuing to use the lessons that God had taught them to encourage many more people. They also "adopted" children in the village through the "Street Kids Outreach" project by RADION International.

3) The Wave 1 Team Leader was burdened to return to the village one day to serve the poor, and she quickly linked up with RADION for the next project. A Wave 2 team, made up mostly by university students from Singapore Campus Crusade for Christ, was formed to make a trip to the same village and resume some of the work there from 2nd to 11th June 2008.

4) The Lord taught an awkwardly out-of-place and over-aged member of the Wave 1 team to "number his days aright that he may gain a heart of wisdom" (Psalm 90:12), and the fellow quitted his full-time job so that he can use more of his numbered days on earth to do more crazy things for Jesus. For now, he is reportedly seen tagging along with this new Wave 2 team so that he can resume his blogging career on this website again. He needs to reach the airport in about 4 hours time, and he has not started packing his bag yet.

Oh well. God is full of surprises ya?

Right now, I am praying to God that for this coming trip, I will not be relying on the things I think I already knew from the previous trip, because I know the Lord is going to do something new. I am asking Him for more... for greater things. For more surprises :)

I thank God for all the supporters who had partnered us with prayers during the Wave 1 trip. Your prayer support had meant so much for us and for the people in Thailand. Please continue to do so for this Wave 2 team.

I thank God for the supporters of the Wave 2 team members. Please follow us closely in this trip, and watch how your prayers will make a difference to God's work in this place.

I thank God for the Wave 1 team members. All of you are absolutely awesome!!! I know you are interceding for us even as you are reading this :)

I cannot thank God enough. Watch this page for more thanksgivings to come!

Thank you.

Jacob Ng

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