Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cold Wet Orientation

Dear all,

We are safely in Khek Noi... praise the Lord. We arrived in the village on Monday evening and quickly settled down to rest. Thank you for praying for us, and special appreciation to all of you who came to the airport early in the morning to send us off!

Today we had our "cultural training" and "village orientation". As I am typing now, we are at the shophouse, cold and wet. This was largely due to a part of the "orientation" programme which took place at a muddy river with the "street kids" in the rain. How could we not follow when they jumped into the water instinctively??? It was a classic sight to see the drivers' faces when they saw us walking back to the vehicles all wet and dirty. And this is only Day 2! By the way, they are the same two drivers who were with the Wave 1 team.

Please pray for our good health. The weather is really cold and pouring, and we are still adjusting to the new environment.

Okay, just a short and simple update.

More to come!

Jacob =)

PS: Aun's cooking is aroy mak mak mak mak mak mak mak mak !!! :)

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