Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 4 at Petchabun: Pre-Home Visitation

Even before we went out to do home visitation, the team started on "Unlearning Lesson - Part 1". Indeed we were a bunch of people with much to unlearn... ...

Worship, more than just mere words or lip service, it's really about the outpouring from our hearts. The team seemed to hit a glass ceiling ... no .. an iron curtain ... no .. it's an iron wall... There seemed to be a lot of passivity from the team members. There's a river of His presence God had already prepared ... but somehow, some of us just seemed to be satisfied playing at the banks splashing a little water around... some are satisfied going in ankle-deep ... some stopped at waist-deep but what God really desires is for us to dive in .. and just be 'drowned' with Him... We cant simply stop at the outer courts, but we need to go past the holy place and enter straight into the holy of holies, where His shechinah glory dwells.

Like a little lightstick which has to be thoroughly broken before it can shine, the team was 'broken'; where the 'Self', the 'I' is broken ... where we decreased and Christ increased in our lives. Well, more is to come until we are truly broken, completely crushed in the Lord.

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