Friday, February 29, 2008

We are almost there..

Dear team members and supporters...

I dedicate this sketch to all of us..

Allow me to share it & the message behind it..
It is titled "Almost There".. You will see two hands almost touching each other.. "Almost" doesn't mean have touched..You are still able to draw ur hand back..

Let the left hand is our goal or purpose that we want to achieve..And the right hand is us.. When we're almost gettin' near to our goal, we might experience turbulance & problems, they make us able to GIVE UP or even QUIT!

I dedicate this sketch & message especially to all of us..
Though some of the Hmong ppl have been deported..
Though no exact news on our outreach..
Though we face a lot of uncertainties..
Though the military might not allow us to enter..
and many more..

Do u think nothing we can do??? NO!

We can PRAY!!! We have a BIG God that can help us to face the BIG problem!!

Don't choose to GIVE UP!!! Keep Praying!!!
We are almost going to touch Hmong ppl's hearts w/ our BIG God... :)

God does not place us in this mission for nothing..He has a purpose and I believe He will make a way..!

Your sister in Christ,

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