Friday, February 29, 2008

Deportation Started

This morning we managed to confirm that indeed a deportation happened.

11 people were deported after signing a "voluntary" deportation paper.

We have also received news that emotions are running high in the camp as people are fearful of the ongoing deportation. We've also heard that foreigners have all been denied access to the camp for the next couple of days so the deportation can go on smoothly.

What is happening in Laos ?
This month 22 Hmongs were slaughtered in the forest of Laos in attacks by the Laos Military and another 49 died of starvation.

What can we do as a team?

Joelle n me thinks tat we shld have this prayer chain goin on daily until we reach thailand.

we can start praying for:

-the safety of the Hmongs in the refugee camp n oso the ones that has been deported back to Laos. Pray that their emotional tension will be removed amongs the ones in the camp n at Laos.

-the Hmongs' salvation. that in the midst of such condition they could see the hope to live.

- God's will to be done among all these.


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