Sunday, May 25, 2008

Prayer Request for Lao Hmong Refugees

Dear all..

Some news from PR Newswire on 24th May 2008..

"Thailand's Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej ordered Thai Third Army troops to use tear gas and pepper spray today to seek to force hundreds of Lao Hmong refugees onto eleven buses to repatriate them back to the communist regime in Laos that they fled."

"Large numbers of Thai troops were deployed to the Hmong refugee camp prior to fires and protests that rocked the camp and set it ablaze after refugees staged protests and a week-long, 7,000-strong hunger strike opposing forced repatriation back to Laos. The protest and hunger strike, which began on May 16, followed the earlier arrest of Hmong human rights monitors and the subsequent arrest of camp leaders."

Sad? Especially for those who have met them you will know how sad their lives are..

Personally.. I felt very sad when I saw them in front of my eyes.. People with broken lives & broken hearts that live in fear.. Fear of being deported back to Laos.. I asked God, "Is there any future for them? Why they don't live a life like a proper human? I can't understand.."

But I learnt something from them that though I can do nothing, God can.. Human might see them as ppl without future, but in Him, they have future.. :)

So, guys, let's do our part! Pray for them.. Also pray for Radion, as they'r seeking how to assist the Hmongs..

And for the wave 2 too! In reaching our to the villagers..:)

"Our God is so BIG

So strong and so mighty

There's NOTHING our God cannot do for you!"

~Dyna, wave 1~

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Steph said...

Yes it is indeed very sad to see this news. But let's not give up praying.

Remember if God can create such beautiful mountain, I believe He can do a lot more.

Let's persevere on in prayer, and I've decided to stop using business as an excuse. If we are commited, let's do it ALL THE WAY!!