Friday, April 11, 2008

Saviour He can move the Mountain

I hope this lyrics is in relation to missions. Cos this really is my favourite song. I am not just sharing the song for the sake of sharing. I hope it encourages ppl in the next team.

Maybe I shall just type down the chorus and bridge of the song cos I feel that it is quite related to what we did during the trip. I hope that the team in wave 2 will also be encouraged.

On the first day of the refugee camp, we almost couldn't enter the gate of the camp. And I remember Ben metioning something about the mountain. Each time when we have doubt about being able to enter the camp or not, look at the mountain. If God can create such beautiful mountains. How much more can He do?

This song came into my mind.......

Saviour He can move the mountains
My God is mighty to save
He is mighty to save
Forever author of salvation
He rose and conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave

Shine the light and let the Hmong Laos see
We're singing for the glory of the rise king

Our God is the God of victory!!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this song really opened my eyes